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SongKong for Melco Faq

Links to common questions and answers about SongKong for Melco posted here

Basic Operation
How do you install SongKong on Melco Audio Server?
How do you start SongKong service on Melco?
How do you stop SongKong service on Melco?
How do you access SongKong for Melco from web browser?
How do I install a Melco license?
Can I use a Melco license on a non-melco computer?

MIML and MinimServer
How do I show artist images within MinimServer?

Common Pitfalls
Why doesn’t Control Point show data recently modified by SongKong?
What is the quickest way to do a full scan and fix of my music?
Modifying Melco backup disk and Renaming files
Why isn’t my Control Point showing artist artwork?
Why can’t I access SongKong immediately after rebooting Melco?
Why doesn’t Delete Duplicates find my duplicate songs?
Why doesn’t Monitor Watch Folder do anything?
Why is Fix Songs running in Preview, I have a license?
How do I only import Unitiserve metadata and make no other changes?
Why is Manual Edit not showing any of my files?

Metadata Questions
How do Works work?
Why is my double album displayed as a single album?
I don’t understand Javascript, how do I edit rename masks?
How do you replace the artwork added by Melco when you import a CD directly to the Melco?

How do I access Melco music disk from Apple Mac?
How do I access Melco music disk from Windows PC?
How do I access SongKong logs from Windows PC?
How do I install SongKong test version on Melco?
How do I go back to current version after installing test version?
How do I manually delete SongKong database if corrupted?