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How to use SongKong on a Melco Audio Server

Melco only has a limited front panel OLED so you how do you control SongKong ?

SongKong can be accessed via any web browser from any device that can see your Melco on the network, this could be a computer, tablet or smart phone. You can then access SongKong on port 4567 using the Melco network name or ipaddress

You can check the full url to use as follows

  1. Select 4>Settings from the Melco OLED
  2. Select 2>Music Database from Settings menu
  3. Select 2>SongKong from Music Database menu
  4. Select 1>Configure Service from SongKong menu
  5. This will show the url to use in your web browser such as

Then just put this url into your browser and you should get a screen similar to