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How do you install Melco SongKong Test Version

Because a Melco system is a blackbox device rather than a personal computer if we need additional debug information from your Melco or we fix a bug that we would like you to try out before making it an official release we need a way to make it available for you to install from the OLED

The procedure is as follows:

  • We inform you when a test version is ready for you to install

  • If you have not already you must mount your Melco main disk so it is visible to your computer, see How do I mount the Melco Music disk on a Windows PC for more details.

  • From your computer create a file called songkong.test in the top folder

  • From OLED select Settings:Music Database:SongKong:Check Version

  • It should say there is a newer version to install, install the new version

  • From OLED select Settings:Music Database:SongKong:Configure SongKong Service

  • Ensure it is set to On, if not set to On

  • From your computer now delete the file called songkong.test