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Initial Fix of Music Library

A full SongKong for Melco license not only gives you full features on your Melco, it also allows you to install SongKong on your computer, be it a PC, Mac or even Linux

If your music library is large there are some advantages to fixing your music using your PC rather than your Melco since it is going to be more powerful and hence faster. But we do not recommend connecting to your Melco directly and fixing over the network because this will slow things down considerably, instead we recommend the following approach:

  1. Run a backup of Melco to an external drive
  2. Make a copy (or ensure you have a recent copy) at is always recommended you have a backup of your music if making major changes
  3. Plug drive into computer
  4. Run SongKong against the .Anas.bak folder, you can safetly modify files under .Anas.bak folder as long as you don’t rename them.
  5. Check you are happy with the results
  6. Plug drive back into Melco
  7. Restore backup to Melco

If you want SongKong to rename any of your music files then there are more steps to consider, please see Modifying Melco backup disk and Renaming files