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Update MinimServer after fixing with SongKong

Run Fix Song seems to have made changes but your Control Point still shows old data ?

If you are using SongKong with a control point remember that the control point is served by a UPNP Server, if using a Melco Audio Server it will be served by either Twonky or MinimServer, MinimServer is the preferred option.

After SongKong has made changes MinimServer needs to rebuild its indexes to pick up the changes. For a Melco server it can be done by selecting Settings:Music Database:Rescan Songs and Playlists from the Melco OLED.

Shortly after selecting this the OLED will return Finished, however that doesn’t mean it really is finished.

Instead select Status:Music Database from the OLED, if it says Running then the reindex has completed, if it says Starting then the reindexing is still running. If says Starting then recheck in a few minutes, unless you have a very large library it should complete within ten minutes.

We don’t call this automatically within SongKong because it reindexes the complete database and if you are using SongKong to modify an album at a time you’ll not want to reindex the complete database each time.

At the moment UPnP servers such as MinimServer do not provide a way to update only part of an index.

You may need to restart your control point as well to pick up the changes from MinimServer.