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How do you replace the artwork that Melco provides when your rip cds

When you rip a CD with Melco it can often identify the CD and add basic metadata plus artwork. The artwork is added as separate folder.jpg file but is only visible when files are served from Melcos uPnP server, this can be Twonky or preferably MinimServer.

Although the file can be seen when accessing your Melco via PC or Mac the actual image cannot be seen.

With the default settings SongKong will add new artwork to each of the files themselves, but will not replace folder.jpg. The advantage is this means none of just existing artwork gets deleted/replaced but the disadvantage is it can be confusing since when using a control point and browsing by folder it will display the original folder.jpg, but when browsing by metadata it will use the images embedded in the files themselves.

To replace the folder.jpg file with the one found by SongKong you can make the following change from the default.

  • On the Artwork tab set Save cover art to filesystem to Yes, and overwrite existing artwork files in this folder and ensure field below is set to folder

So now when artwork is added to your music files it will then also be added as folder.jpg for the album.
This will allow artwork to be added to the files themselves, and then the image