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Artist performer Artwork in SongKong

I wanted to ask what app could I use to display artist art feature in SongKong. It currently displays a blank square with a star in it.

I have rescanned a couple of Artist folders as an experiment but without success.

I have MelcoHD for iPad only, but prefer the Linn apps

Thanks in advance

So, firstly does SongKong find the artist artwork, you can check this by looking at the report and going to Browse By Artist/Album. If a picture is displayed for an artist then SongKogn has found one, if it displays a folder icon it has not.

Secondly, MinimServer does not currently support artist images (although it is planned, and is high priority) so you cannot currently see artist artwork when you browse by artist in your control point. But if you browse by folder you can see artist artwork added by SongKong but only if you have enabled Save album artwork to artist folders in filesystem on the Artwork tab

Hopefully, that makes things clearer.

Thanks for the reply.

So it’s not the app (control point?) but the music server that will show artist photos. I look forward to the MinimServer update.

I’ve checked the folder view as you suggested and only a handful of artists have pics. Using the recommended settings I ran the The Beatles and Zeppelin but SongKong has not found art for them.

I note that the one’s that exist are called folder.jpg. I presume I could add my own artist photo and rename accordingly. If so what would be the recommended size ratio for them i.e square shape like 500x500 ?

Correct, everything displayed in the control point is provided by the uPnP server (apart from a few non-standard Control Points that get extra info themselves bypassing the uPNP server)

No, the first step was to check the Browse by Artist section of report in SongKong, I suspect you will see many more images there and the problem is you have not enabled the Save album artwork to artist folders in filesystem. If you are not sure what I mean just run Create Support Files and I will check for you.

Yes correct and square is best

@JerryS Thankyou for the support files, the issue with the missing artist images is that you have nothing selected in the Find artist artwork for these types option, you should have at least Album Artist and Artist and that should fix it.

Thanks for that.

Regards Jerry

Regarding the error you had connecting to jthink server at 10pm yesterday I think this must be an issue at your side because:

  1. I have checked and the JThinkserver was not overloaded or near capacity at this time
  2. The error received was the the name could not be found rather than it could not connect
  3. Most importantly in the logs you had a very similar error about not being able to find the acoustid server at the same time, the acoustid server is not controlled by me so it would be some coincidence for both services to fail at the same time.