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Nightmare getting started

I’ve read through the blogs and the non-existent ‘help’.
1 - where do you input the licence detail?
2 - I think I understand what this is supposed to do but I assumed that your program would change the original listings by adding the new/updated data to them
3 - if it’s supposed to do this, can you please offer some simple instructions just to get me started?

This may be written by some very clever people but it would be really useful to have a step by step guide for us music lovers who simply want to catalogue by:
Song Title / Artist / Year / Album / Genre

The rest would be very useful, in time but let’s start with the basics, please!

Hi Dave
The application has tooltips for all options, there is a 94 page manual.pdf with details of all features, we have this forum thats include a FAQ section, we have some tutorial videos (although I admit they need an update) and Im replying to you now so Im not really sure why you consider the help non-existent

In the Update License option, on Windows this is under File menu

In Remote/Web mode (as used by SongKong for Melco) is simply called License at the the top of the screen

On MacOS its under the Help menu

Yes it does that as long as you uncheck Preview Only option on the Basic tab

and the report at end shows all the changes made, or would be made if in preview mode.

Please have a look at the faq at The SongKong Faq or if using SongKong for Melco we have addtional faq - SongKong for Melco Faq