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MinimServer Tutorial

A new tutorial on how to use MinimServer 2.2 uPnP server and how to configure SongKong for it.

  1. MinimServer, Introduction to UPnP
  2. MinimServer Summary
  3. MinimServer Licensing
  4. MinimServer Profiles
  5. The Default Profile
  6. Top Level Indexes
  7. Adding New Indexes
  8. Restarting and Rescanning MinimServer
  9. Navigating Indexes
  10. Metafield names
  11. ID3 Metadata fields
  12. The Artist and All Artists Indexes
  13. Multiple Album Artists
  14. Multiple Track Artists
  15. The Date Index
  16. The Original Date Index
  17. An Example of Using a Sort Field
  18. Other Sort Fields
  19. Is Classical and other Boolean Fields
  20. Groups and Works
  21. Opera Works
  22. Classical Artist Performers
  23. Showing Composer in Group name
  24. Modifying Display at Album Level using Display Format
  25. Multi Disc Albums
  26. Configuring Artwork for Indexes
  27. Album Covers
  28. Melco SongKong Profiles
  29. Melco SongKongRockPop Profile
  30. Melco SongKongJazz Profile
  31. Melco SongKongClassical Profile
  32. Audio Data Indexes
  33. Alphabetical Grouping of Indexes
  34. Limiting the Display of Sub Indexes
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