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Tutorial 9:Navigating Indexes


If you select any indexes it will allow you to drill down further by subindexes. For example if you select the Date index it will show you any Albums Artists for album released on that date, and if the Composer index has been added it will show you any Composers of any any songs released on that date. Unless there is just one album, then it will just show the album, MinimServer calls this Intelligent Browsing.

For example we select the Genres index

It shows all genres we have stored in our metadata, we now select genre Electronic. We can see we have 116 albums with this genre

We could go straight to these albums

Or filter by another index such as Date

We only see these sub-indexes if we have data for them. For example there is no #Recently Played item because none of these albums have been recently played.

Also notice that most folders contain an image representing an album cover for an entry within the index this is due the default configuration value for serverOptions to indexArtwork=auto but we can do better than this as explained in a later tutorial.