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Tutorial 11: ID3 Metadata Fields


Another thing to note if you are using an audio format that uses ID3 such as Mp3, Wav or Aif is there are actually three different versions of ID3:

  • v22
  • v23
  • v24

And the version you use effects how your metadata is stored in the files and in some cases may effect the mapping needed when using MinimServer. In most cases this will be handled by MinimServer without an issue, for example MinimServer expects ALBUMARTIST to be stored in a TP2 field for ID3v22 but TPE2 for ID3v23 and ID3v24 and this should always be the case.

But MinimServer only maps DISCSUBTITLE to TSST for ID3v24, so expects it be stored as a TXXX:DISCSUBTITLE for ID3v23. But SongKong also uses TSST for ID3v23 and therefore these values will be invisible to MinimServer, the discrepancy is because this is a defacto standard used by multiple tools but it is not the official standard and MinimServer only uses the official standard.

Another issue is ID3v24 support storing multiple values in any text field using null separators (ascii code zero), which is very useful for fields such as artists and composer and for ID3v24 MinimServer recognizes these null separators. No such system was defined for ID3v23 but there is nothing to stop it being done, and this has become a defacto standard used by many taggers, but again MinimServer does not recognize use of null separator in ID3v23 tags.

For these reasons we recommend you always use ID3v24 format instead of ID3v23 for best compatibility with MinimServer when using ID3. We can convert existing V23 tags to V24 tags with SongKong by setting MP3 Metatag Version to v24 in preferences.