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Tutorial 33: Alphabetical Grouping of Indexes


As your music collection grows it can start to get a bit awkward browsing through long list of albums or artists, we can split these list alphabetically using the alphaGroup option.

For example to split our album_artists index we just add


Notice it is clever enough to understand our sorting options, for example in the screenshot we can see that The Dream Syndicate is listed under D not T because the sort name is Dream Academy, The.

Remember, that top level indexes shows some special indexes n albums, n items and [folder] even though we do not specify them in indexTags. We can use the values albums, items and folder to refer to them

e.g add to group albums we use


But remember the grouping does not just apply at the top level, it also applies when viewing an index as a subset of another index. For example whilst grouping works well at the top level, if we navigate via the album artists index to an artist with just a couple of albums it still breaks down the albums by letter which is not very useful.

But we can use the =num syntax to set a minimum size before the grouping takes place.


We can also apply a default minimum size for indexes using the all option


alphaGroup:albums=100, album_artists,work,all=200

This will group albums alphabetically if the list is 100 items or greater. And group album_artists and work alphabetically if the list is 200 items or greater.