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Tutorial 16: Original Date Index


We may wish to browse by Original Date as well, this stores the date of the first release the song was released on, this is particularly useful when we have compilation albums or reissued albums. SongKong adds the original date of albums when autofixing.

We can add Original Date in the same way. For ID3 OriginalDate is a defined MinimServer mapping, but for Flac/Ogg SongKong stores in a field called ORIGINAL DATE so we need to add an alias mapping to support Flac/Ogg. Then in indexTags field use the rename syntax so indexes displays as Original Date instead of OriginalDate:

aliasTags:Original Date:-OriginalDate
indexTags:+Date,+OriginalDate:Original Date

and to store year only:

tagOptions: Date.yearOnly.index, OriginalDate.yearOnly.index

e.g browsing by Date 2000, and then showing Original Date indexes within it

We may only be interested in the Original Date and would prefer to use it as the Date when available, in this case we do not add it the index and instead map as preferred value to use as Date using an aliasTag .

aliasTags:OriginalDate:-Date, Original Date:-Date

This works nicely within MinimServer but if we need to do this so your files metadata outside of MinimServer use Original Date as date then we can configure SongKong to always put Original Date into the Date field by enabling Use Original Release Date on the Album Format tab.