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Tutorial 34:Limiting the Display of Sub Indexes


When you select an item in the index, will show further subindexes when there are variations in the index values for the album and tracks within that index

For example here we select the David Guetta album artist, and because we only have one album for this album artist we show the album rather than a n albums list. But because the tracks on the album have different composers, track artists, performers and these are some of our indexes we can drill down further

For example we can see the different composers by selecting Composers

However, since when we selected David Guetta there is only one album do we really need to drill down further ?

We can simplify the display using the listViewAlbums option, we just set it to a number indicating that we dont want to see these subindexes if there is no more then this number of albums in the selected index

e.g if we set


now because there is only one album we dont see these sub indexes

but we still see for artist with more than one album such as Jeff Beck who has two albums

But we can set to any value, so setting to 2 gives this result


We can also totally eliminates the subindexes by using the value all