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SongKong WishList For ideas and requests for new features and improvements SongKong with Roon Roon is a music player and server that provides a nice user experience. You can load your music library into roon and it will try and automatically match them to its database, but you will get better results if you run SongKong on your music files first. SongKong 7.0 provides a number of improvements to give near seamless import of your data from SongKong to Roon. SongKong Announcements SongKong Faq Links to common questions and answers about SongKong posted here SongKong Questions SongKong Issues SongKong does not seem to be working as expected, or you have a problem with installation or licensing then post a topic here. If possible please run Create Support Files as well, this will upload a copy of your log files and latest reports as well that will make it much easier for us to resolve your problem.
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