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Tutorial: Fix Songs, Save tab, Force Save Option


The Fix Songs and Match to One Album tasks have a Force Save option on the Save tab

When running a task in SongKong it only actually modifies files that have changed because the metadata has changed. This is an important performance enhancement because modifying the actual files can be
relatively slow especially if they on a network or in lossless format.

But there are occasions where we may wish to force the file to be re-saved even though the metadata does not appear to have changed, and this can be done by enabling the Force Save option.

Resaving metadata to the file can be useful for a number of reasons:

  • Reordering the metadata to the standard order used by SongKong even if SongKong has not identified the song
  • Recovering metadata padding space
  • Resaving genres if changed the Save Genres as Text option
  • Updating the modified date of files to trigger another application to realize they have been modified