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SongKong 10.1 Placebo released 13th of December 2023

This is a new release with over twenty improvements and fixes.


Includes many improvements including:

  • Improved MacOS look so now have full window content instead of separate window title bar and rounded buttons, i.e. we now have

instead of


SONGKONG-1988 Add option to Update MinimServer indexes

SONGKONG-2281 Make Save Genres as Text a separate option from Save songs so they work best with Itunes

SONGKONG-2326 Add support for MinimServer profile

SONGKONG-2438 Add Audiochannels as a field that can be used in rename masks

SONGKONG-2517 Add Find Duplicates within Same Folder option

SONGKONG-2519 Make Progress bar for Reports smoother rather than moving up in intervals

SONGKONG-2521 Modify Multi Disc Releases to modify Disc Subtitle field rather than Album title

SONGKONG-2522 Ignore Disc subtitle unless release has more than one disc

SONGKONG-2523 On Melco remove restrictions on Fix Songs profiles because they are preview only so no need for restrictions

SONGKONG-2524 Report Progress Bar should show numeric percentage figure as well

SONGKONG-2525 Update Look and Feel to latest version of FlatLaf

SONGKONG-2526 Update SongKong for Windows and MacOS to use Java 21

SONGKONG-2528 Force Save option to allow file to be resaved even if nothing appears to have changed


SONGKONG-2056 SongDetailsSection progress indicator doesnt increment in steps

SONGKONG-2207 Remote UI:Empty Database not working and can crash server

SONGKONG-2302 Preinitialize and Reuse JFileChooser on Windows/Linux to deal with slowness caused by having broken network shares.

SONGKONG-2431 MacOS:Copy and Paste in Manual Edit not working consistently

SONGKONG-2489 When run Rename Files in Preview Mode and Browse by Folder it shows the old folder name not the new folder name

SONGKONG-2491 Metagrater does not allow deletion of artwork

SONGKONG-2493 Delete Reports needs a progress dialog because can be slow if have large reports to delete

SONGKONG-2500 On Windows use later version of Installer to resolve multiple monitor issue

SONGKONG-2501 Resolve AcoustidUser Key Exception

SONGKONG-2527 Delete Duplicates from cmdline not outputting much progress data

I just updated to a 1 year subscription. Program reflects I am in Placebo Lite mode. Restarting did not resolve issue. Anyone know how to get program out of lite mode?

There are no subscription payments, only one off payment to upgrade to latest version. So question is, do you actually have a license or have you only paid for an upgrade?

Hi @Chalky2 , okay you do have full license and I have emailed you details, use Update License to enter the details replacing your lite license.