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Tutorial: Fix Songs, Save Options


Disc / Track Number Padding

Most audio formats stores numbers as text, for example 1 can be stored as 1, 01, 001 or 0001. This is useful for sorting songs and is applied to the Disc No , Disc Total , Track No and Track Total fields. this field has no effect on the Mp4 files because this format only stores a number.

Add Technical roles with own field to Involved People field

The Involved People field can be used to add additional people and their role, certain named roles such as Producer , Engineer and Orchestra have their own fields and by default are not added to the Involved People field but they can be by adding them with this option.

Save Multiple Values as separate fields

When an album is by multiple people we store the album credit as it appears on the album as a single value in the Album Artist field and then add each of the main performers as a separate field to the Album Artists field (note the plural). For example an album credit to Johnny Cash & June Carter would store

  • Album Artist:Johnny Cash and June Carter
  • Album Artists: Johnny Cash
  • AlbumArtists: June Carter

This has a number of advantages, most players only understand a single value for the AlbumArtist so this way guarantees they get Johnny Cash and June Carter not just Johnny Cash which would be the case if they only took the first value from the Album Artist field. Secondly we preserve the exact album credit, for example this credits using and , but it could be with , ft etcetera. Thirdly the individuals are listed in the Album Artists field, so applications that understand multi value artists can use the Album Artists field instead, this is what MinimServer does.

However some applications such as Roon understand multiple artists, but only use the Album Artist field not the Album Artists field. This option lets you store the album artist as multiple values in the Album Artist field just like the Album Artists field, it also lets you apply the same logic to the Album Artist Sort field, it is recommended you select both fields if you use this option.

You can also do exactly the same thing for track artist by selecting the Artist and Artist Sort field as well. All four field are added to this option when using the Roon, Fix Songs profile.

Other people fields such as Composer, Conductor and Producer are always stored as multi value fields because there is no exact credit to preserve.

Always Save Genres as text

This is explained here

Save songs so they work best with iTunes

For mp3s in ID3 there is a preconfigured list of 256 genres, if a genre is in this preconfigured list it is stored as a number rather than the text. But iTunes does not understand the complete list of genres so you can force SongKong to always write the genre as text if you enable this option.

iTunes prefers that for Various Artists compilations that Album Artist and Sort Album Artist are left blank so that iTunes can provide translated versions

Rescan MinimServer

Force Save

This is explained in detail here