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Artist & album artist behavior

Dear Paul, I would like to ask about the changes in artist and album artist fields after fix.
these fields changes as below by adding " ; " between artists. Is it something normal and how does it affect on file renaming if AlbumartistorArtist template is used ?

It has changed value from a multiple field value to a single field value. Multiple field values have the advantage that the individual artist can be clearly seen and searched. Single field values allow you to capture the artist credits exactly including the joining words such as and, with, feat, also some music players only support the first value of multiple value fields.

By default SongKong stores single value in artist and album artist and multiple values in the artists and album artists so you get the best of both worlds. But you can store multiple fields in the artist and album artist using the Save as Multiple values option on the Save tab. This is enabled if using the Roon profile because this works better with Roon so you may have been using Roon profile and now switched to Default profile without realising.

Also see Tutorial: Fix Songs, Save Options