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SongKong 6.12 Bizarro released 6th January 2021

We are pleased to announce SongKong 6.12 Bizarro, named after The Wedding Present’s second album.


Lots of improvements in this new release, please see

Full list of improvements and fixes is:


  • [SONGKONG-17] - Create set of predefined Javascript functions for filenaming similar to that used by Foobar2000
  • [SONGKONG-317] - Warn if you enable 'Use Original Date' option and use Year in filename mask
  • [SONGKONG-563] - Add Clone Filename Mask option
  • [SONGKONG-568] - Add Clone Javascript functions
  • [SONGKONG-834] - Add 'Not compilation' as an option to Delete Duplicates/Advanced/Preferred Criteria
  • [SONGKONG-1715] - Album based Original Release Date for Original Albums rather than Track Based
  • [SONGKONG-2074] - Give option to only specify YEAR part in fields such as YEAR, ORIGINAL_YEAR and ALBUM_YEAR
  • [SONGKONG-2079] - Add support for Naim Uniticore meta.naim json files
  • [SONGKONG-2089] - Add Play link to files when run Delete Duplicates
  • [SONGKONG-2120] - Ability to delete a folder using remote UI
  • [SONGKONG-2122] - Add reason for why song was deleted to Delete Duplicates report
  • [SONGKONG-2123] - Add filename masks for splitting into Classical/Non-classical and also combine with HD/NonHD
  • [SONGKONG-2129] - On Filenaming tab delete parent of parent folders if now just contain artwork and no other files or folders
  • [SONGKONG-2130] - Delete Duplicates delete parent folders that become empty because child folder deleted as duplicates are deleted
  • [SONGKONG-2133] - Add Overall Work to Edit Songs tab


  • [SONGKONG-2066] - Delete Duplicates hanging (due to failure to add audio because of artwork ?)
  • [SONGKONG-2118] - Delete Duplicates in remote mode not respecting preview option
  • [SONGKONG-2119] - Incorrect match to Spamatron
  • [SONGKONG-2125] - In report summary Duplicates always shown as blank and Deleted shown as number of duplicates
  • [SONGKONG-2127] - addCompilations() javascript function not working properly
  • [SONGKONG-2128] - Edit Songs cant handle corrupted images, just gives up
  • [SONGKONG-2131] - is_hd field added after rename from metadata so FixSongs must be ran twice to move hd files to hd folder
  • [SONGKONG-2132] - iTunes rename mask is out of date