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SongKong 6.12 Delete Duplicates Improvements

A number of improvements have been made to Delete Duplicates in this release.

New Preferred Deletion Criteria
We have added a new preferred deletion criteria - Compilation Album

If one song is matched to a compilation album and the other is not and this new criteria is in use the song that is part of compilation is deleted (this is determined by looking at the Is_Compilation field). This is most useful if the user is looking for duplicates at song level only so they do not care too much about albums but would prefer given a choice to keep the song that has metadata for original album rather than compilation.

Criteria used to Delete shown in report
When duplicate songs are found we decide the ones to delete based on the Preferred Deletion Criteria order, but the differing criteria can vary for each song and the report did not show the the criteria that was actually used. We have now modified the report so it does show the criteria used to decide on the song to delete.

Add Play link to files when run Delete Duplicates
Unless you have actually deleted the song we now add play links in the report so yo can compare the songs, so this is useful if you are running in Preview mode or using Move files to Delete Folder and want to double check the results.

Better Tidy up of Empty Folders
Now if duplicate files are deleted or moved and this means you are left with an empty folder except for files such as non-critical folder.jpg or thumbs.db SongKong will now delete the folder, and it wil also delete the parent folder if it is now empty and its parent.