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German Translation

Can you help improve the translation, please post English text and corrected German text here, full details at SongKong - Improving Translations

Alternatively we attach the current German translation as a spreadsheet of three columns, first column is the translation key, 2nd column is English, 3rd column is German. If you want to make a number of changes it may be more efficient to simply edit the third column and then send the amended spreadsheet file to Note if the translation string contains {0}, {1}, these are placeholders for parameters so these must not be removed for your translated (92.2 KB)

Some already picked up

Work - Werkes
Movement - Satz des Werkes
Level - Stufe
Album Artists (not different to Album Artist)
Artists (not different to Artist)
Sort Album Artists (not different to Sort Album Artist)
Sort Artists (not different to Sort Artist)

Hi, i checked the German translation and corrected for the first step nearly 50 entries. BUT - the problem is, that without the context (of SongKong), sometimes the correct translation is not possible. So how can i see where a translation is used? (I sent you the spreadsheet separately.)

Hi, take a look at Modifying SongKong translations with Languish on Windows then you can edit the translation file and use it in your version of SongKong. I created the spreadsheet you downloaded by just starting the Languish tool, open the Default and German properties file and copying the first three columns into a spreadsheet.

Just to let you know I have reviewed your changes (in red) and looks good to me so have committed them to the codebase.

Just ready with the next part … but a lot of work has to be done :wink: Sent you the spreadsheet …
Blue marked text is part of the second correction - all gray marked fields are now ready.

thx for your help, will look at it tomorrow.

Looks good, I have committed the changes

and they are now part of SongKong 6.8.1 Rumours released 12th February 2020

Fine - i am glad to read about it. In the next few days I will try to do my best and translate the next part …

@Bubblefish have you looked at this any further would you say the translation in current version now adequate ?

Sorry, i‘ve had some trouble. Now I will spend some time on this weekend for further translation. As I looked a month ago, it was still some work to be done.

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We have four new translations required for next version, suggestions appreciated

  1. Add Composer to start of Overall Work, this is used by MinimServer for indexing Classical Works
  2. When using MinimServer enabling this option will show the composer as part of the work name in the Work index
  3. Add Composer to start of MinimServer Group, this is used by MinimServer for playing Classical Works
  4. When you play a Classical work with MinimServer enabling this option will show the composer when you play the work, includes adding composer to title if the work has no movements

Sorry, too late?

  1. Komponisten hinzufügen, um ein Gesamtwerk zu beginnen - diesen Eintrag nutzt der “MinimServer” für die Indizierung von klassischen Werken.

  2. Bei Nutzung eines “MinimServer” ermöglicht die Aktivierung dieser Option die Darstellung des Komponisten als Teil des Gesamtwerk-Namens im Werk-Index.

  3. Komponisten hinzufügen, um eine “MinimServer”-Gruppe zu beginnen - diesen Eintrag nutzt der “MinimServer” für das Abspielen klassischer Werke.

  4. Wenn der “MinimServer” für das Abspielen klassischer Werke genutzt wird, aktiviert diese Option die Anzeige des Komponisten beim Abspielen und fügt ihn zum Titel des Werkes hinzu, wenn es keine Sätze enthält.

Its too late for initial release, but I can modify for next if your translations are better (which I expect they are), this is what I have.

  1. Fügen Sie Composer zum Start der Gesamtwerk. Dies wird von MinimServer zum Indizieren klassischer Werke verwendet

  2. Wenn Sie MinimServer verwenden und diese Option aktivieren, wird der Composer als Teil des werkes im Werkesindex

  3. Fügen Sie Composer zum Start der MinimServer-Gruppe hinzu. Dies wird von MinimServer zum Abspielen klassischer Werke verwendet

  4. Wenn Sie ein Klassisches Werk mit MinimServer spielen und diese Option aktivieren, wird der Komponist beim Spielen des Werks angezeigt. Dazu gehört das Hinzufügen eines Komponisten zum Titel, wenn das Werk keine satz aufweist

Here is an Excel file with the translations.
SongKong (english-german).xls (518.5 KB)
Some German words have been “stolen” from English and there is no reasonable translation. The best example is the word “computer”.

Thankyou I will review your changes as soon as I can and hopefully implement for next release.