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German Translation

Can you help improve the translation, please post English text and corrected German text here, full details at SongKong - Improving Translations

Alternatively we attach the current German translation as a spreadsheet of three columns, first column is the translation key, 2nd column is English, 3rd column is German. If you want to make a number of changes it may be more efficient to simply edit the third column and then send the amended spreadsheet file to Note if the translation string contains {0}, {1}, these are placeholders for parameters so these must not be removed for your translated (92.2 KB)

Some already picked up

Work - Werkes
Movement - Satz des Werkes
Level - Stufe
Album Artists (not different to Album Artist)
Artists (not different to Artist)
Sort Album Artists (not different to Sort Album Artist)
Sort Artists (not different to Sort Artist)

Hi, i checked the German translation and corrected for the first step nearly 50 entries. BUT - the problem is, that without the context (of SongKong), sometimes the correct translation is not possible. So how can i see where a translation is used? (I sent you the spreadsheet separately.)

Hi, take a look at Modifying SongKong translations with Languish on Windows then you can edit the translation file and use it in your version of SongKong. I created the spreadsheet you downloaded by just starting the Languish tool, open the Default and German properties file and copying the first three columns into a spreadsheet.

Just to let you know I have reviewed your changes (in red) and looks good to me so have committed them to the codebase.

Just ready with the next part … but a lot of work has to be done :wink: Sent you the spreadsheet …
Blue marked text is part of the second correction - all gray marked fields are now ready.

thx for your help, will look at it tomorrow.

Looks good, I have committed the changes

and they are now part of SongKong 6.8.1 Rumours released 12th February 2020

Fine - i am glad to read about it. In the next few days I will try to do my best and translate the next part …

@Bubblefish have you looked at this any further would you say the translation in current version now adequate ?

Sorry, i‘ve had some trouble. Now I will spend some time on this weekend for further translation. As I looked a month ago, it was still some work to be done.

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