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What major feature/improvement would you most like to see in Jaikoz?

What major feature/improvement would you most like to see in Jaikoz. I have made a list of ideas I have but if your top requirement is not listed please post a reply.

  • Update User Interface
  • Support for Multi Column Sorting
  • Support for custom metadata columns
  • Improve song matching coverage
  • BandCamp coverage
  • Beatport Coverage
  • Improve album artwork coverage
  • Improve album artwork quality
  • Support for Pdf booklets
  • Support for other audio formats (e.g .ape)
  • Calc AcousticBrainz data (e.g Bpm) when missing for songs
  • Change missing songs reports to proper html reports
  • Add support for Profiles
  • More html reports
  • Mac M1 build

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One thing i really world find helpful and what puts me off bothering to use jaikoz (concluding that it’s too complicated without the help of a more intuitive interface, when the nature of sorting a massive music library is already a very daunting thought and job) is, like picard, the use of colour to indicate how well a match the meta data is and being able to sort by that accuracy rating. This way I’d be able to just save the songs that are very close already and then take a look at the more inaccurate songs later on with much more scrutiny.

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The UI does need a revamp, my personal issues with it is that we could do with tabs to split up the data on the edit tab so that you can looks at many columns without having to scroll right , we need multi column sort, and and would be better than the existing sort order didn’t automatically change when the data was modified.

I think use of more colour is a good idea, but I think that Picard accuracy rating is flawed. if you have files with no metadata and then Jaikoz matches them correctly are you saying the accuracy rating would be low because the nonexistent existing metadata doesnt match the new metadata. Better is to ensure that matches made with Jaikoz are accurate, they usually are and will get better because I have also been working on removing the duff data in Acoustid -

What we could add is a completeness column, based on how much metadata a song has, would that be useful ?

A Mac M1 build shouldn’t be a major undertaking, but it is something that really needs to happen in the next year or so.

It would be useful to have Jaikoz populate the ROONALBUMTAG and/or ROONTRACKTAG fields with, say, user comments or user ratings. I currently do this programmatically with MP3Tag

While the user interface is just terrible on macOS and should really be improved, a special M1 build should not be necessary as Jaikoz uses Java.

I just installed Java for ARM on my M1 Mac recently and all Java programms are extremely speedy, now. I couldn’t find a menu item in Jaikoz to show the currently used JAVA environment, so I just assume, my Java 17.0.1 ARM version is used, e.g. in the about window like in other programs. I couldn’t even see information about this in the created support files, but maybe I oversaw this.

Install the ARM version of JAVA and Jaikoz should be using it.

So we already have those fields in Jaikoz, or did you mean autopopulate them with something?
What you can do is drag a column to the left of them and then Append Right or Prepend Right to add the data for each row into the corresponding field in the right row, no need to use Mp3Tag

Its not as simple as that, Jaikoz comes with Java as part of its installation, and it is signed to pass Apples security checks this is the correct way to do it, it doesn’t just use the default version installed on your Mac.

But Java 17 is the first version to support Apple M1, and there is code in Jaikoz (such as the Javascript engine used for the filename masks) that is no longer available in Java 17 so code changes are required, as well as setting up the rather convoluted apple build process on an M1 machine.

So its not so simple.

The user interface needs improvements on all platforms, but if you have Mac specific recommendations I would be happy to hear them.

I would still like lyrics to be brought back. I miss that the most.

Besides including quality parameters like bpm a ‘wizard’ function to remove duplicates based on quality would be a great addition for many people that don’t want to dive into details. Your program is a great tool for me, Paul, in order to keep things neat and organized! Thanks for the ongoing improvements!

Paul, what about having an ‘iteration’ of simple followed by more complicated searches for dealing with info in general? (Iteration comes from statistics and means simply said ‘narrowing down uncertainty’).
Cheers, Ger

I think you mean something like the Advanced tab of the SongKong Delete Duplicates tool ?

Yeah. That would help for a start. Although quality selection criteria ( I know this would complicate it) would be nice…

Thank you; I stupidly didn’t realize that the special Roon tags were already supported. I’ve been using MP3tag to aggregate and format data from several Jaikoz custom fields, but I can make this a one-off conversion and simply use the ROONALBUMTAG and ROONTRACKTAG within Jaikoz directly in future. It might be useful to support rename masks in the two special Roon tags, but that’s probably a fringe use case and not worth your time.

Actually being able to construct tag from other tags in a similar way to file rename masks would be a very useful feature for advanced users I think, and could apply to any field

But what does that mean, it would be different for different people would it not ?

It just doesn’t feel much like a macOS App. I know that, to support all platforms, it won’t ever look perfect but making the menu bar in dark mode dark and make all icons prettier would help.

Interesting. I use Netbeans IDE a lot and updating the JAVA version to v17 ARM sped up this extremely. I didn’t run into any issues. I don’t think, that including ones own Java Version is the best thing for programs, though I understand, this makes installation easier and you’ll get no bug reports due to the wrong version installed. Since Jaikoz never felt slow to me, I’m not so sure, this would speed it up a lot.