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2023 Poll:What Jaikoz feature/improvement would you most like?

Its 2023 and would love to get a feel of what major feature/improvement would you most like to see in Jaikoz. We did a survey in 2022 and managed some of them, but would love to get an update.

We have made a list of ideas I have but if your top requirement is not listed please post on a reply, and please post a reply if you want to discuss anything on the list.

  • Support for custom metadata columns
  • Support for expression language to set field to value of other fields
  • Support for Album Back Covers and Liner Note Images
  • Support for Artist artwork
  • Support for Acoustid Albums as data source
  • Support for BandCamp as data source
  • Support for Beatport as data source
  • Add regular expression support to Find and Replace
  • Update Delete Duplicates so it matches SongKong features
  • Support for Pdf booklets
  • Support for APE Audio Format
  • Support for Profiles
  • Improved Create Support Files so dont need to use Email
  • Add Ability to be able to create User Playlists
  • Further User Interface Improvements

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(more) up to date discogs data…

The possibility to preserve only one or more tag of a specific track