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What major feature/improvement would you most like to see in Jaikoz?

I guess you’re right. When subjectivety comes in, all people cold have different wishes.
Any chance the SongKong type duplicate handling will be included in Jaikoz?
Cheers, Ger

Yes, definently should be added to Jaikoz

Great to hear a UI revamp is being considered. Any way to reduce the amount of left-right scrolling would be very welcome!

Things I would love to see in a new UI would be:

  • Once metadata has been matched and all the proposed changes are showing in purple highlight, the ability to accept or reject each and every change, individually, or for a whole column, before saving.

  • Ability to view the existing, and proposed, artwork at ful size. Also ability to export artwork to a file.

  • Ability to open two albums for editing at the same time, with copy/paste working between the two windows. This is useful for e.g. when you’ve done a lot of manual work on metedata for a FLAC album and then want to duplicate it for an MP3 version.

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For a long time I have been wishing for being able to rename fields based on regular expression matches, including being able to rename one field of a track based on a match in another field of the same track.

The most pervasive example of this is to be able to append " (feat. <match>)" to a track title when there is a match for something like “ft. <match>” in the track artist field, and deleting that match. I do not want different artists in my databases for every instance of a collaboration on a track, but this is the way Musicbrainz seems to do it.

In SongKong we have an option When tracks contain featured artists that can be set to only add the main artist to the track artist, we should port this to Jaikoz as well

but it would not add to track title, and I don’t really see the point of adding to track title since it is not part of track title

The reason MusicBrainz adds featured artists to artist rather than title is in artist you can actually link to an actual artist (and see other details such as songs they have been on for example), but if in track title it is just text.

Thanks, Paul, I look forward to the implementation in due course!

So this is basically the same as FlyingBear wants, and I would like this as well.

Dark Mode for Windows

An option to download missing tracks from an album.

Interesting but I cant see that happening, very much about fixing metadata not downloading song files, where would you expect the download to be from?

Understood, was hoping for an automated mechanism as this is tedious and not worth doing manually. Not sure where, but maybe linking ones account with a reputable source?

I suppose a report listing missing tracks from albums would be a good start


Great start, thanks!

User Interface changes seems to be the clear winner so created a new thread for this Jaikoz User Interface Improvements

Hi Paul,

I’m hoping you can improve the process by which I submit new albums to Musicbrainz. I like to contribute but the endless emails from Musicbrainz asking for further improvements turns this into a part time job. I am hoping you can improve the process to make the process more idiot-proof.

How about the ability to delete duplicates by the following criteria:
Album Name + MB ID + Acoustic ID/Fingerprint (Whatever one we are using now…same for MB ID)

We already have by same MB Id (Mb recording Id), Acoust Id and Release Id. We should add Release Group Id instead of Release Id and this would have pretty much the same effect as Album Name

The plan is to update Delete Duplicates so more like SongKong, this has more options and more customer friendly names.

I’m not sure if its possible but I’d like to see something that can automatically generate playlists for each album in a large collection of 500+ albums. Also something that can scan a large collection and generate play lists by bpm, mood, genre, etc. That I’d be pleased to pay again for.

I’ve used Jaikoz to correct the metadata in over half a terabyte of Flac music in 2,485 folders containing 32,286 tracks and its been invaluable in getting it done as quickly and efficiently as possible. I know what people mean about the interface - it was quite a learning curve but once mastered was faster and better than anything else I had tried and is now my go to tool when I add to my music collection.

Now what I would really like is a tool that can generate playlists by what I feel like listening to or my personal mood without my having to listen to every single track individually and assign it to one or more playlists manually. Really not sure if that’s even possible without consistent data from Musicbrainz/Discogs in the bpm, genre, etc. tags. Musicbrainz/Discogs are great for the basic metadata like track name, artist, artwork, etc. but seem to lack consistency on the more esoteric tags.

I’m thinking: Name a playlist by mood - say ‘Electroswing Party’, ‘Longhaul Plane Journey’, ‘Road Trip’, ‘Reading’, ‘First Date’ or whatever. I then select 6 to 12 tracks under the playlist and then Jaikoz scans those tracks for bpm, genre, tempo, etc. Jaikoz then scans my music collection and adds suitable tracks to the playlist based on those esoteric tags.

I would like to be able to display joint composers in that field, say separated by commas? (if that makes sense).
Unless I am using the wrong presentation display I appear to be confined to seeing just one, plus if there are others, a boxed number indicating that they exist.
Clicking on that number allows me to choose a different composer (say, Lennon, rather than McCartney), but not to aggregate them (Lennon, McCartney) unless I retype them all on the one line and choose that option.
Is there something I’m not seeing?
Thanks for your time

The ability to upload and tag Video files exactly like mp3 files. Thank you.