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Tutorial 15: Fix Songs, Options to Consider on First Run


Usually no options need to be modified, but on the first run it is worth considering some options that may be beneficial to modify.

Basic Tab

Basic:Force Acoustid Fingerprints
By default Fix Songs only create Acoustids when it has to because they are quite cpu intensive but we can force it to creates acoustids for all songs by enabling the Force Acoustid Fingerprints even if already matched option. This is a good idea if later on we expect to use Delete Duplicates task with one of the Sounds the same options because these require AcoustIds. Delete Duplicates can create these if missing but they are not saved to the file so it is better to ensure they are created when run Fix Songs.

Basic:Update Genres
By default Genres are not updated because they are very subjective. But SongKong can update if we check this option, once checked it then enables the options on the Genre tab.

Album Artwork Tab

Album Artwork:Save front cover embedded within song file
SongKong is careful and only adds artwork for files that have no artwork.But it can overwrite artwork with higher quality artwork by modifying Save front cover embedded within song file from Replace if Empty to Replace if Better Quality, better quality is defined as larger image.

Album Artwork:Find Back Cover Artwork
By default SongKong adds front covers but not back covers because there is limited applications that can make use of back covers. But if useful we can add by enabling Find Back Cover Artwork

Other Artwork Tab

Other Artwork:Other Artwork Options
By default SongKong does not add artist images because there is limited applications that can make use of them. But if useful we can add by enabling Other Artwork Options

Album Format Tab

Album Format:Use Original Release Date
Store earliest release date found for the song as the release date instead of the date of the actual release matched to. This is especially useful if we would like to see original release date but have re-releases or remasters of older albums.

Album Format:Use Year instead of full dates for Date fields
This simplifies dates to only store the year not the full date, this can provide a more consistent look to our music collection.

Album:Format:Add [HD] to album title for High Definition albums
If we have both HD and non HD versions of albums enabling this option makes it easier to identify between the two.