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Songkong (mac version) and behaviour

Hi Paul, I’ve recently started using a MacBook Air and noticed an unexpected behaviour (to me) when using SK (latest version).

Whenever I open SK, the mac music app is opened as well, and remains open even when I close SK. I understand that SK will attempt to scan my iTunes library (not that I have one), but not sure why the app needs to be loaded up.

I see that under the security settings ‘Automation’ section, SK has an entry about controlling the music app. If I disable this permission, then an error is displayed like the one described in the following thread: iTunes on Mac error - first update run

Is there any way to stop SK from opening the music app (as I have no use for any of the iTunes capabilities in SK)? ‘Save changes to the mac music app’ is not enabled in the settings.

Hope I’m making sense!

PS. I should add that this doesn’t happen with Jaikoz

Just disable the Save changes to Music App option on the Basic tab and restart.

This option is enabled by default on MacOS and means that SongKong updates the Music App internal database when files are changed, otherwise MusicApp is not aware of the changes made, although Music app can always rescan at later stage.

I have already unticked that option, but it makes no difference, the app is still launched when I start SK.

Can you double check please, if you have then need to send me support files.

thanks Paul, files sent

Sorry for delay just tested it on MacOS and seeing the same issue as you. I think with part of the fix for this issue I moved the check to when SongKong starts and it is doing this without checking if is needed, raised new issue to address this, hopefully resolved for next release in a few weeks.

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thanks, glad you found the root cause (and that I wasn’t doing something stupoid as mac is new to me)

Now fixed in SongKong 8.5 Faith released 31st October 2022

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