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iTunes on Mac error - first update run

I ran SongKong Standard for the first time and it failed with the following error messages:

SongKong has encountered an issue trying to build a model of your iTunes library, this is required for updating iTunes from SongKong

The error reported was:{

NSAppleScriptErrorAppName = Music;

NSAppleScriptErrorBriefMessage = “Not authorised to send Apple events to Music.”;

NSAppleScriptErrorMessage = “Not authorised to send Apple events to Music.”;

NSAppleScriptErrorNumber = “-1743”;

NSAppleScriptErrorRange = “NSRange: {33, 11}”;


Please check iTunes is working properly and is not busy on other tasks such as calculating gapless playback or building a a Genius Mixes [it wasn’t]

Do I need to change the name of the iTunes folder on my Mac? Could that have “undesirable” results?

Hi, this is a problem due to an additional security restriction recently added by Apple. We released a fix for this yesterday for Jaikoz, and I expect to release a new version of SongKong that includes this fix either today or tomorrow. -