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Problems with SongKong File Renaming on Nas

Here is why I am not actually using it:

I have gone ahead and send you example test folders for you to test out for the following conditions:

Folder 1
Provided a condition when songkong will strip songs of their extension.

songkong should never strip unless there is a valid reason! For example an .exe, .bat, etc. masquerading as a .mp3
If songkong is changing the extension from mp3 to flac because it was mislabeled great! awesome! but it should not be stripping unless there is a valid reason

2nd issue that can be fixed?
Even thou I selected “Test folder 1 strip” I.E. Selected Folder /music/Test Folder 1 strip and ran fix. songkong created the file folder.jpg and put it in /music. As I stated before I have 0 music files in this parent folder So why is songkong creating and putting .jpg here?

Folder 2
Provided a condition when songkong changes an extension from lower case to upper case. I.E. .mp3 to .MP3
This to me implies an operator or function is getting applied that should not be

Folder 3
Provided a condition when songkong will do one of the following actions to 2 like folders:

  1. Process all files required with no issue
  2. Ignores one folder/files and only processes one folder/files
  3. Process both folder but LOSES files. Here is my screenshot of songkong claiming 30 (15 in each folder) files were successful processed on this run but there was ONLY 20 actual music files in folder. Here is the error page that was generated

I have been experiencing this for a while now for lost files and I am pretty sure this is the cause

Folder 4
I am providing this folder and hopefully you will get the same results or can identiy what could have caused the issue I experienced. I am not able to success replicate this as it appears to be based on the order the files get process and I can only assume songkong randomizes what the order is.

This condition apparently has the potential ability to wipeout (delete) the folder it is run on. Here is the error songkong reported

I dont seem to have received any files from you yet, did you send to - I will look into all this.
One observation, all these issues are related to using SongKong option to Rename filename from metadata, it may be better to set this option to No for the moment.

apparently the file was to big to send so you should have gotten a dropbox link to the file

Thanks I have received the files, but I have not been able to replicate any of the problems though, I think because the problems are specific to your overall disk structure. However, I should be able to resolve Folder 4 issue if you send your support files again because there will a full error trace in the logs (I checked the last one you sent and it finishes an hour too early). I also notice the screenshot for Folder 4 seems to indicate the song is stored in the root folder, so could that possibly be the reason for the Folder 2 issue.

A few more questions, are the files you sent the files after modification by SongKong or the original files from backup before SongKong modified them ?

Folder 1 issue, it appears to be a Flac file are you saying SongKong renames it from .flac to nothing, or from mp3 to nothing.

  1. Sent the support files
  2. original files before songkong modified
  3. flac and mp3 to nothing in certain conditions

I have identified 4 other issue’s but I haven’t send examples since if you are not able to repo with the examples I provided then you might not be able with these as well.

Here is the additional issue’s:
4) every file that had a .wma extension songkong left a .tmp file behind

  1. If you select move unmatched folder I.E. /music /Hello and songkong files a file that can go here it will create another /Hello folder and randomly place this folder in another folder. The song it finds is placed in the correct folder I.E. /music/Hello

  2. If you select move unmatched folder and songkong finds 2 or more files with the same name and one song is already in the unmatched with that name then any other song is lost

  3. If you select move unmatched folder and songkong finds 2 or more files with the same name in different folders (not in the unmatched folder) songkong appears to try to add something to the label but doesn’t - - 01 -? why is there 2 hyphens? Also why is it placing a random folder.jpg if it doesn’t know what the files are?

  4. There is a condition were disk ID I.E. 01 - 01 - song title the first 01 is still added despite option not to do so .

I want to reiterate the first 4 issue’s I am only experiencing with folders that have the [ ] or the underscore space "_ ". Could the reason be in how Unraid stored the files? for example from folder 1 example. This is how it looks in the unraid file structure after going thru the songkong process:
Alice\ Cooper\ -\ Mascara\ &\ Monsters:\ The\ Best\ of\ Alice\ Cooper\ -\ 04\ -\ Desperado.flac

Okay that wasn’t clear , but I don;t understand all the '\'s in your example above, that isn’t what the report shows

Folder 4
Found there is a bug that SongKong cannot write data to artwork to the root folder (/), I have raised . But there may be a related issue, why is the song being written to root ?
I looked at one of your later reports and noticed Move Folder was enabled, but the folder was blank. This should not be allowed, in fact it is not possible on desktop gui only the web gui, I have opened and also

4) every file that had a .wma extension songkong left a .tmp file behind
It is a known issue that for .wma format SongKong writes changes to a new .tmp file and then deletes the original file and renames the .tmp file to the .wma file, sometimes the .tmp file remains -

There is a condition were disk ID I.E. 01 - 01 - song title the first 01 is still added despite option not to do so .
You have Rename files based on metadata set to Yes, for all files , so SongKong will rename all files including those it could not match, I think in this case the file does not have the Disc No metadata but the mask you are using expects it.

I also notice that you are using the AlbumArtistorArtist - Album - Track - Title mask, this doesnt split songs into folders it just puts them all into the base folder, I expect this is not what you want !

I think a number of these issues will be resolved by you disabling the Move Folder option, so please retry with that disabled.

Also if you have an issue if you run Create Support Files immediately after that would be useful because only the last four Fix Songs reports are sent so I have some of your reports but not all, the support files are much more useful then just screenshots.

Didn’t realize it was sending only the last 4. If it is any benefit to you then I have compressed all reports I currently have and sent you a link via dropbox. The folder label Old is from the old directory when I was first running songkong. New folder is where the config files are now stored.

  1. “why is the song being written to root ?”
    I don’t know; maybe I didn’t select an option?

  2. “You have Rename files based on metadata set to Yes, for all files” actually I have been using Yes, if has metadata as well. When I set it to No for me songkong doesn’t seem to be doing anything with the actual files example change the date modified (going to assume it is attempt to update metadata).

  3. “AlbumArtistorArtist - Album - Track - Title” for my testing purposes seems to be the best fit so I can see what all songkong overall is doing at a quick glance.
    For me AlbumArtistorArtist/Album/Track - Title seems to be the ideal option for me except when certain songs get that 01 - 01 song.extension title.

I’ll try you suggested option later on today.


I have nearly answered the question myself, its either because you have Move Folder enabled but had the actual Move Folder blank, or because you have set a rename mask with no folder structure.

If set to No then files wont get renamed, if you want to rename files more usual is to use Yes, if matched to a release - this ensures we only rename file if has decent metadata

Okay, but just want you to understand this will put all files in the same folder, rather than splitting into the more usual Album Artist and Album folders.

Here is the results from not having the move folder selected that you requested and here is some issues with this run:

  1. Option set: Use Windows compatible characters in file names
    original folder Why! (1997)
    songkong change too: WB5FYS~K folder label no longer readable on a Windows system

  2. Option set: AlbumArtistorArtist/Album/Track - Title
    original title from Five finger death punch -> war is the answer
    01 - Dying Breed.mp3

songkong changed it to:
01 - 01 - Dying Breed.mp3

Don’t want that extra 01 -

  1. Songkong doesn’t do cleanup actions on found empty folders or folders that contain only .jpg’s, etc?
    example Genesis -> The original album was empty

Okay, when I look at this album in your report I can see it is labelled as Why?, but if Use Windows compatible characters in file names is enabled it should disallow the use of ?, because it doesn’t that is why the name is displayed as WB5FYS~K when view on Windows.

I have found the bug, the Use Windows compatible characters in file names option is only being applied to the filename part rather than the full path, raised issue to fix this.

The name of the mask AlbumArtistorArtist/Album/Track - Title is slightly misleading, it also outputs the Disc No, you can see this if you select Preferences, and then select the mask in Filename Mask drop down and then then select Edit

If you just modify the mask from

+ ifnotempty(album,'/')
+ ifmultidisc(ifnotempty(pad(discno,2),' - '))
+ ifnotempty(pad(trackno,2),' - ')
+ title


+ ifnotempty(album,'/')
+ ifnotempty(pad(trackno,2),' - ')
+ title

and Save then it should work as expected.

SongKong just ignores folders that have no music in them at an early stage, and I think this right behaviour, for example some users just point SongKong at their whole drive, it wouldnt be right if it started deleting folders full of photos !

Ran songkong with the recommended change;

Here is the issue’s in this run:

  1. Error message generated in this run not helpful as it does not state were this file is located as folder.none doesn’t exist

  2. SongKong created the following folder and moved all files to this folder:
    K’s Choice

Left behind a bunch of empty folders in the following director:
K’s Choice

not doing a proper cleanup

  1. SongKong created 2 folders because duplicate songs existed:
    Painkiller (1)

Apparently original folder (Painkiller) did not have a cover art image. Even thou I had Save cover art to filesystem -> yes, and overwrite existing artwork files in folder no image was added to this folder. There was one folder.jpg was created and was placed in Painkiller (1)

  1. Folder Judas Priest -> Metalogy

Original folder was labeled songs 01 thru 06

In new songkong folder songs were labeled as:

01 thru 19. There was 5 01’s, 5 02s, etc…

I want to retain the original numbering scheme of 01 thru 65

The error message was:
No mime type found for cover art for Blues for the Lost Days, cover art created as folder.none - requires renaming
Okay it doesn’t show actual filename which would be best but it does shown album name, so having looked at your logs I guess the file is either in original location /music/John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers/Blues for the Lost Days (1997)/ or new location /music/John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers/Blues for the Lost Days, you could also just use search facilty on computer.

Moved from K’s Choice to K’s Choice, what do you mean?
Can you post the remaining folder structure as I cannot comment without it, is this any different to the issue you have complained about before ?

That is correct behaviour, surely better to put duplicates in separate folders rather than dumping them all into a single folder.

Well as far as I can see this is a 4 CD boxset, that is what it has been matched to and therefore correct to label trackno as the trackno within a disc rather than label as if one big disc.

We do however also add a field called Single Disc Track No that treats the album as a single disc and has the value you want to preserve.

If you really want to keep the incorrect Track No value then you add Track No to the Only modify these fields if empty option on the Format tab

2 posts were split to a new topic: SongKong has renamed some of my song titles to Kanji from English

The issue isn’t the folder creation. The issue is I have Save cover art to filesystem set to yes but songkong did not put a .jpg in the first folder

There is 2 different apostrophe’s in the titles. one type used by songkong and one type for the original. The original folder still have empty folders. When I try to access the folder songkong created on my server it give me a > prompt instead of allowing me to navigating to the folder

OK, right got it, I can see the issue as we move the duplicates out of the folder we move everything this includes moving the folder.jpg - code not considering here that we are not trying to move all the files from here only the duplicates, raised

Okay, yes we always convert to this apostrophe because this is the one that is easily accessible from keyboard and gets translated okay between different drives and file encodings.

But this apostrophe does have special meaning on linux, just wrap the filename in double quotes when accessing from the command line should work.

Let me try to break it down why this error isn’t very helpful

  1. There is no file called folder.none in either the original folder or the songkong folder. So if I attempted to search for it will not be found.
    There is however a file called folder…none (I don’t know why this post is showing 3 dots instead of 2) in the songkong created folder but not in the original folder. Why is songkong even creating this file in the first place?
    Why didn’t the error state the correct file label of folder…none (2 dots not 3) rather than folder.none?

  2. In the original folder there is a file called folder…mkv (2 dots not 3). So my question is why is songkong attempting to move and relabel this file from an .mkv to .jpg?

It seems to be because the original file without suffix was folder…

Well I think it manages to extract some artwork but then cannot find it mime type.

The code assumes image files have a dot and then file format, its not expecting the three dots in the name and that has confused it.

I have raised an issue for this obscure problem -

There is a Bug here:

Steps to generate:

  1. Initially songkong displays BPM Key and Mood as active

  2. Select any 1 option and that option will be highlighted as active

  3. Click reset and you see even thou BPM (one of the defaults) is now highlighted in the selection bar it is not listed as active (red circle) and it appears it doesn’t reset items that were select prior as Track No is marked in the circled area

Okay, raised

Okay I missed the bit about 2 dots rather than three dots. You can fix in forum by either using the preformatted text button .. (or just by directly surrounding with the ` character)

So it is trying to save coverart in the file (or from a link, cant tell which in this case) as an actual file in the album folder (this is a default option on Artwork tab) and although it can create an image it cannot determine the actual format it is written in. If it could have determined this it saves to the album folder as folder.format where format is jpg, png ecetera, because it cant determine it is meant to write folder.none but because of a simple bug that I can see and fix it is writing folder..none.

Also changed the error message from just displaying the folder name to displaying the full folder path.

There is another issue of why it is doing this, but at least this explains the reason why it is writing two dots instead of one (I think the .mkv file was a complete red herring)

Fixed in SongKong 7.1 Eliminator released on 12th February 2021