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SongKong 7.1 Eliminator released on 12th February 2021

We are please to announce the release of SongKong Eliminator, named after the 8th album
by ZZ Top


This release fixes a number of issues with matching box sets, before this release SongKong could usually handle multidisc releases upto 4 discs, but could not properly match larger boxsets. The Box set algorithm has been completely rewritten for better matching

We also introduce a new feature for Roon users, sometimes Roon users use the ROONALBUMTAG to keep the discs of a boxset together, even if they edit the disc to use the original albums the boxset is comprised of. We can now do this automatically with the Add RoonAlbumTag to albums identified as box sets checkbox on the Format tab

RoonAlbumTag and RoonTrackTag have also been added as fields to Manual Edit task.

There are also many bug fixes and minor improvements in this release.


  • [SONGKONG-1015] - BoxSets:When matching against multiple disc release match to discs with same no of tracks first
  • [SONGKONG-2010] - Classical Files more likely to fall foul of 255 char limit per path segment causing duplicates
  • [SONGKONG-2161] - Roon:Add support for ROONALBUMTAG (for boxsets)
  • [SONGKONG-2175] - If existing Genre metadata includes Classical then mark songs as Classical


  • [SONGKONG-2153] - Filename clashed warning does not update the Errors and Warning progress indicator
  • [SONGKONG-2155] - NullPointer saving artwork if writing song to root
  • [SONGKONG-2156] - RemoteGui:Allows Move Matched folder to be set to blank even if MoveMatched is enabled
  • [SONGKONG-2157] - Ensure if Is Move Matched is enabled but Matched Folder is blank then option ignored.
  • [SONGKONG-2159] - Use Windows Compatible Characters is only applied to filename not the folder part of path
  • [SONGKONG-2160] - Sometimes failed save gives misleading PrepareStatement Error
  • [SONGKONG-2162] - Roon:SongKong not recognizing boxset folder structure
  • [SONGKONG-2164] - folder.none issue
  • [SONGKONG-2166] - ArtistRelationshipsAndCredits.addInstrumentsFromPerformerRoles Error trying to remove Vocals
  • [SONGKONG-2167] - Unable to do complete byFolder section of Report:null
  • [SONGKONG-2169] - When SongSaver task is cancelled for taking too long message doesnt say what group was cancelled
  • [SONGKONG-2170] - SongKong limits BoxSet identification to 10 folders
  • [SONGKONG-2176] - Classical album split into four folders because of duplicate filenames due to Windows total filepath restriction
  • [SONGKONG-2178] - Not creating credits correctly when performer play multiple instruments on one track