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SongKong has renamed some of my song titles to Kanji from English

During this run songkong converted several of my final fantasy songs from English to kanji. I don’t read kanji.

I think that is because you have enabled Format:Use standard Track title instead of title displayed on cover, disable that and it should fix them (as long as there is a version in MusicBrainz with english titles, I checked Final Fantasy IX and there was).

I am having this same issue, only with Jaikoz. (Persona 5 Soundtrack). I do not have “Format: Use standard Track title instead of title displayed on cover” checked.

Have the songs been matched to MusicBrainz, if so can you tell me the MusicBrainz Release Id that the tracks have.

There are various Persona 5 soundtracks, but I guess you mean this one - in which case there is not another 19 track version in MusicBrainz that has English titles