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Problem with Match To One Album with SongKong Blur on Docker

@paultaylor I’m using the docker version of SongKong (version 10.3 pro). Using this new release it appears there is a regression when using the “Match to one album” functionality. After you press “Start”, nothing happens (it will direct you towards a blank screen):

The docker container log will log this statement:

2024-03-09T09:36:59.657310884Z >>>>>/matchalbum.fix
2024-03-09T09:36:59.665646513Z songkong:server unable to run controller:null

Hi, could you run Create Support Files please.

@paultaylor I’ve just ran Create Support Files

Ah, I think I have found the bug, there was alot of refactoring of the options pages in last release and I think I introduced an error

I think you have Apply these options to release identified as Classical unchecked, for testing purposes please try enabling this option and see if it now works

Okay there is another issue meaning it still will not work, but now fixed in I will try and get a new release done later today.

Thank you very much!

Now fixed in new release

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