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SongKong 10.3 Blur released 4th March 2024

We are pleased to announce SongKong 10.3 Blur is released 4th of March 2024


This major release has the following new features:

Auto Edit
Manual editing is useful for making changes to one album, but what about if we need to make an edit to many albums, then for this we have the new powerful Auto Edit tool.

This actually comprises three tools Capitalizer , Find and Replace and Trim , and any or all of these tools can be applied to multiple fields in one go. See here for full details.

Inline Help in Desktop Mode
In Desktop mode we used to use tooltips, bu this meant only one tip could be displayed at a time. We can now hide or show help for all fields using Show Help/Hide Help buttons like we can for Web mode and this makes the help more readily available


Without Help

With Help

Can now specify MusicBrainz or Discogs release to match to when using Match To One Album

If a MusicBrainz or Discogs Url is entered in the new field then album is matched to this instead of SongKong doing its own search for potential matches

Maximum Album Artists Allowed

We have added this new option.

Sometimes an album can have alot of album artists, this is particularly the case for some Classical albums. The most important album artists are listed first and it can be neater and less distracting to limit the number of albums artists we add for an album to only the first x artists.

All Improvements and Fixes

Release notes - SongKong - 10.3


SONGKONG-2414 Desktop Mode: Should have inline help like Remote Mode

SONGKONG-2540 Allow user to add DiscogsId/MBRelease Id to Match to One Album

SONGKONG-2546 Allow simpler Album Artist if possible

SONGKONG-2558 Ensure reasonable timeout on wikipedia connection

SONGKONG-2559 If user trys to exit desktop should close even if error

SONGKONG-2561 Add another Save option before rows on WebUi Edit Metadata page so dont have to scroll

New Feature

SONGKONG-2545 Add AutoEdit task


SONGKONG-2538 Discogs range tracknum search doesnt seem to work

SONGKONG-2539 Songs Processed code allowing ARTIST field too large for db

SONGKONG-2552 Regression:Error trying to score matches when there were no matches

SONGKONG-2553 Remote:Manual Edit saves trackno, discno based on trackformatter settings even though not defined for Manual Edit

Thank you for this update! I do a lot of one off and rare CDs so the manual editing features like the new MusicBrainz or Discogs URL field is a huge help. Keep those great updates coming!

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