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SongKong 10.4 Amnesiac released 11th March 2024

We are pleased to announce the release of SongKong 10.4 Amnesiac on March 11th 2024


Regression: Remote UI Classical Options Bug Fix
In Remote mode Fix Songs and Match to One Album failed to run if disabled the Apply Classical option, this is now fixed.

Context Sensitive Help added and Help now moved to the forums
Most Pages now have an Info button that opens context sensitive help page in the forum

Application Help now links to the SongKong tutorial, it is much easier for us to keep the help accurate and current in the forum then the previous web/pdf and apple help, and customers can also directly ask questions in the forum help

Remote Add Artwork tab Redesigned
This has been redesigned to be simpler to use, make better use of screen space, and also provide a new Upload Url option

Monitor Folder Configurable Check Files Copied Delay Option

This is useful if you are copying lossless files from a remote drive, it should be increased to the maximum time it would take to copy a file so Monitor Folder can ensure all files are copied before it starts processing a new folder.

Release notes - SongKong - 10.4


SONGKONG-2280 User interactive help pages on forum, with links from software

SONGKONG-2555 For Monitor Folder then add configurable time to wait option

SONGKONG-2560 Add option to paste url into Web Manual edit because difficult to drag/drop from Google Image search esp on iPad

SONGKONG-2564 Make it clear that Artwork Tab is only for Front Cover Artwork

SONGKONG-2566 Match To One Album:Remove 200 song hard limit


SONGKONG-2554 Plex filename mask should always ensure discno is not zeroised even if the discno metadata field is

SONGKONG-2565 Regression:Remote UI if disable applyClassical FixSongs and MatchOneAlbum fail to run