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Merged disc 1 and 2 together on Melco app

So, having bought the Melco version I started cleaning up my Melco.

I ran SongKong against Bee Gees Their Greatest Hits Disc 1 and the again against Their Greatest Hits disc 2.

Everything looked ok on Songkong but on the Melco app it now comes up as one album with two song 1s (the one from the first album and the one from the second). This is the same for song 2s, 3s etc. I was running on Twonky server so switched on Minim Server and it now looks worse.

What is strange is that it looks OK when I browse the songs on the Eversolo App i.e. 2 separate discs and all the songs in the right place.

Am I missing a setting somewhere?


Hi, okay so there is a disc no field and a trackno field. So the first track of each song will be 1 but one will have discno of 1 and the second will have discno of 2. Note, you matched each disc separately when you could have done it in one go.

You says it’s OK in SongKong and Eversolo App but not via Melco App being served by Twonky and then even worse with MinimServer.

Usually results with MinimServer are much better than Twonky.

Have you tried restarting Melco app?

Could you run Create Support Files so I can check SongKong data and could you send a screenshot of Melco App to show the issue.

Wow. I wasn’t expecting a reply this quickly! Thank you Paul. Amazing support for a newbie!

Anyway, I switched from Twonky to Minim and ran a database recreate after posting the message to you and got the attached in the Melco app.

I’ll rerun SongKong with the settings that you suggested and see what I get and also work out how to run the two cd’s at the same time.

First screen

Second screen

Third screen

Sorry…this is the first screen

Can you run Create Support Files in SongKong first please.

Ok. I’ll run it later today.

Hi, I think the basic issue is that your two discs are not in a album subfolder, they are in

/mnt/disk1/share/Music from Graham/Bee Gees/Their Greatest Hits The Record [Disc 1]
/mnt/disk1/share/Music from Graham/Bee Gees/Their Greatest Hits The Record [Disc 2]

but really they should be in

/mnt/disk1/share/Music from Graham/Bee Gees/Their Greatest Hits The Record/Disc 1
/mnt/disk1/share/Music from Graham/Bee Gees/Their Greatest Hits The Record/Disc 2

i.e have shared parent album folder

/mnt/disk1/share/Music from Graham/Bee Gees/Their Greatest Hits The Record

You can rename files in SongKong, but for now the easiest thing for you is maybe to manually move them using your computer, here are instructions to mount your drive on a pc or mac.

Also I don’t think this is actually causing issue but because you matched one disc at a time, it searched for best match for disc 1, then it looked for the best match for disc 2, and it did not pick the exact same release for each

So for disc 1 it picked - and for disc 2 it picked

Now if they were in shared folder could just pick the shared folder, whilst they are not you would either have to process whole Bee Gees folder or you can select multiple folders but its slightly manual with webui that Melco uses, you can do do this by manually enter them both and surround with double quotes.

e.g "/mnt/disk1/share/Music from Graham/Bee Gees/Their Greatest Hits The Record [Disc 1]" "/mnt/disk1/share/Music from Graham/Bee Gees/Their Greatest Hits The Record [Disc 2]"

but because already matched to a release to force SongKong to rematch you would also need to set For songs already fully matched to Rematch

Also I see in runs 2 and 3 which were the original runs for disc 1 and disc 2 you had the default of

Multi Disc Releases : Always add Disc Title or Disc No to the Disc Subtitle set

but then in run 4 against disc 2 you changed it to

Multi Disc Releases : Add Disc Subtitle if Disc has Title

So that removed Disc SubTitle for disc 2

But you had changed back the option when you ran task against disc 1

So Disc 1 has disc subtitles, but disc 2 does not. This is probably confusing MininimServer yo can read more about this option affects MinimServer in our MinimServer tutorial.

Also looking at your screenshots with revised order

First Screen looks okay
Second Screen look okay

How did you get to Third Screen?

Thank you Paul. It’s all starting to make sense and I’ll try your suggestions.

In respect of the screens I do the following:

  1. Open Melco app and navigate to the device.
  2. Select Artist folder
  3. Select Bee Gees folder which takes me to 'Their Greatest Hits: The Record [44]
  4. Select this which gives me a list with ‘>>Disc 1’. ‘>>Disc 2’ then all the songs with the 1s from disc 1 and 2 then 2s from disc 1 and 2 etc as shown in the screenshot.
  5. Select >>Disc 1 and then I get to ‘Disc 1: Their Greatest Hits: The Record [23]’.

I guess what I was hoping for was that after steps 1 to 3 above that I would see a list of all of the individual Bee Gee CDs. to select one. What seems to be happening is that the ‘Their Greatest Hits’ becomes an ‘album’ which I need to select to see the 2 CD’s that make up that album and then select the appropriate CD in the way that I might do if I was taking it the CD from a shelf.

I hope that makes sense.

Because it is an album, it makes much more sense that you select an album rather than directly a cd from an album. However what we can do in MinimServer is hide the Disc 1 and Disc 2 sub-level within the album, and instead display all tracks directly under the album.

As described you can do for an album by setting the Multi Disc Releases to Never add Disc, but you need to do for both discs not just one, and then rescan the MinimServer indexes.

Thank you for the help today Paul.

This is my first foray into the world of SongKong and Minimserver but as I mentioned before, its gradually making sense.

As someone who worked in IT for a long time it is often blatantly obvious to the software developer but not always so to the end user. I can see that there is a lot of great stuff in your software.

Onwards and upwards!

I understand, actually I find MinimServer difficult, that is why I ended up writing a tutorial on it so I could better understand it. The difficult thing for SongKong is that although the metadata is being corrected in SongKong it is not the end application, and how the final application does things is not under the control of SongKong.