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MELCO and album art - new user confused


I have just bought a Melco N1A EX and copied across my music which is missing some album art.

When I run SongKong against a particular file it seems to correct the album art and tags but it is running in preview mode - which I expect unless I buy a license for full functionality.

However, according to what I have found on the SongKong site the N1A EX should be running SongKong Lite which allows the updating of album art automatically without a full license - or is that incorrect?

As I am new to this management of a song collection on Melco I would like to spend a bit more time with SongKong preview (and minim server) to understand both how to use them and their power before buying the license(s) and which one to buy. In the meantime I would like to update the album art as a first step. Is this possible and how do I do it?

Thanks in anticipation.

Hi, are you running Fix Songs task or Match To One Album task?

On a Melco you can use Match To One album with preview off and this allows you to automatically add album art (although resolution is limited) for an album when matched. You can only use Fix Songs (for multi album matching) in preview mode so Fix Songs doesn’t make any changes with the Melco Lite license, although in the report created you can see all changes that would be added including artwork if preview was disabled.

Also, please see Basic SongKong for Melco User guide for a summary of operation.

Thank you.
I have been trying without success. I choose ‘match to one album’ and it runs OK. The information clearly states that it is in evaluation and only album art for that one album will be updated. However, nothing is updated.

I am trying to evaluate ease of use before buying but I am clearly missing a step.

Can you help and tell me what I am doing wrong please?

Hi, please run Create Support Files so I can see what you have done.

How have you determined that nothing is updated ?

I go to the Melco App and close it. Re-open it and reload the Melco device then browse to the album that I am trying to update. Still not album art.

Hi, so the Melco app just shows what it is served by the Melco server, which is either Twonky or MinimServer. MinimServer is the recommended and better server, however it does not update its index when the metadata is changed by applications such as SongKong. But you can configure SongKong to automatically trigger a MinimServer update after running a task, see Tutorial 35:Updating MinimServer from SongKong

So I ran it again this morning and set the flag for minim server rescan and nothing. I have tried to set '‘create support files’ but get errors all of the time.

As you can see I copied the exact folder into the SongKong ‘Select folder’ box but then get a 404 error against something that I just ran against on the same Mac. This is obviously something that I am not understanding.

I have also interrogated the folder that contains this album and I know that the jpg is missing for the album art. When SongKong has finished running I would have thought that a jpg would appear before I run Minim server to capture the changes. Is that not correct?


Okay so is the second screenshot how you see SongKong because if so that isnt right, it looks like Javascript is disabled, please try a different web-browser, should look like this

Also in your url it says localhost, that means connect to the computer that the web-browser is installed on. So on my screenshot above it says localhost because i have just using the webmode on my PC, but if I was using a browser to connect to Melco then it should show Melco ipaddress

Artwork is added to the files themselves, it is also added to the album folder if Save front cover art to filesystem is set to Yes, and overwrite existing artwork files in folder or Yes, but do not overwrite existing artwork files in folder as long as no existing file.


I spoke to Alan at Melco on Friday and then I started again from scratch over the weekend and have succeeded.

I think there was a combination of incompetence on my part and possibly Minim server challenges. I probably hadn’t registered the SongKong Melco Lite license (now done) and I went back to Twonky server (which may have contributed). Anyway, I managed to update a single album art so I’ll now look at the rest of the functionality I could get with a full license.

Thanks for your help to date.


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