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Classical music -- composer versus artist

Now I ran trying to add composer as possible; but it is hard to see what changed immediately; I have another copy of all music on another pc for that; how do I separate the incomplete albums?

If you Browse By Composer you see songs grouped by Composer, and you can then filter by Updated to see songs that that have changed, but of course it may not be Composer that has changed.

You can also select View as spreadsheet to see all metadata, and fields that have changed are coloured coded. This is the best way to quickly see all changes, though your request did make me consider that adding a page to the report that simply list all songs that have changed and what fields have changed would be perfect for you.

To split songs between unmatched and matched to release run Rename Files task and select a Move Folder - only songs matched to an album will be moved to the folder.

Hi, Paul.
I am seeing improvements with the added metadata!
But I expressed myself badly: I would like to separate incomplete albums, that is, I have a lot with missing tracks, regardless of the tracks present being recognized/matched.
I also want to know if I can activate the normal version on a second computer, as I had before; one pc had to be replaced…

Hi, there is currently no way using File Renamer to distinguish between albums where you have matched all your songs on the album but your album is actually incomplete and when you have complete album.

But you can use the Matched to MusicBrainz/Discogs section of FixSongs or Status Report (see Tutorial 9: Report, Matched section ) to drill down and filter incomplete albums. Just look for yellow badges rather than green, that indicates unable to fully match to the MusicBrainz or Discogs album.

Yes, license can be used on upto 3 computers.

I will check this; probably a lot of manual work…
Thank you!