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Windows compatibility of directory names

When fixing my audio files with SongKong, I noticed that question marks ("?") can appear in the new directory names, even though the option “Use Windows compatible characters in file names” is switched on.

I didn’t find anything about this in either the online or offline help and was hoping SongKong would “know” that these characters ~ " # % & * : < > ? / \ { | } are forbidden in Windows path names.
Here is an example (after renaming): “/Music/Irene Cara/Why Me?/01 Why Me-.mp3”.

This means that only the file name is Windows compatible, the directory name is not.

Am I doing something wrong or is it programmed that way?

Where is that option, I cant see it, please post screenshot.

Sorry I forgot this is a non-Windows option, you don’t see it when running SongKong on Windows, I will have to check the functionality in case there is a bug.

Hi, you are quite correct!

SongKong is only checking the filename part of the path not the whole directory structure, raised

Now fixed in SongKong 7.1 Eliminator released on 12th February 2021