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Why does Primary Artist contain non Primary Artists with their role?

So in this screenshot we can see Samuel Sanders listed as a primary artist even though he is not one

And also has his role (piano) as part of the link, so if you click on the link it takes you nowhere useful

Unlike when you click on the Samuel Sanders link, this works correctly

The problem occurs if you have SongKong configured to write to the Performer field, Roon uses the Performer field in a different way to most applications so it needs to be left blank for Roon. This can be done easily in SongKong by adding it to the both the Never modify or add these fields and the Delete all metadata from these fields options


This resolves the issue:

Note, you can still import non primary performers with their role into Roon but you need to use the Involved People field instead of the Performer field. The Involved People field maps to INVOLVED_PEOPLE for Ogg/Flac, TIPL for ID3v24 and IPLS for ID3v23