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Jaikoz 11.0 Roon Support

Roon is a high-end music player that is a popular alternative to a uPnP Server (such as Asset or MinimServer). It comes with tools to automatically identify your music files, and offers a nice browsing experience making use of data from MusicBrainz and AllMusic.

But its automatic identification only goes so far, so many Roon customers have made use of SongKong to improve the results they get with Roon, now are adding support for Roon to Jaikoz as well !

On the Detail panel, we now have a Roon tab

Now, most of these fields are not specific to Roon, but this just gathers together the key fields that are recognised by Roon, and some have been specially added just for Roon.

When a song or album is by mutiple artists Jaikoz stores the artists as one value in Artist/AlbumArtist (e.g Johnny Cash & June Carter) but as multiple values in Artists/Album Artists (e.g Johnny Cash/June Carter). However Roon really needs the multiple values to be stored in Artist/Album Artist so we have added a new option that can do just that using the Remote Correct:Format:Save ARTIST and ALBUMARTIST multiple values as separate fields option

Involved Person is used by Roon to identify secondary performers with their role, you should not use the Performer field (on Classical tab) because this confuses Roon. So if you are using Roon you should add Performer to the MusicBrainz:Format:Never Modify these fields option

If you are tagging Operas or other multi level works then Roon expects them to use Section/Work, whereas MinimServer expects Overall Work/Work. You can configure which one SongKong does with the new Remote Correct:Classical:Opera Work Format option

New field Is Live is recognised by Roon and automatically completed by Jaikoz from MusicBrainz matches.

Recording Start Date, Recording End Date and Recording Location are new fields that are understood by Roon, we don’t currently automatically complete them but that is planned very soon.

Roon Album Tag and Roon Track Tag are useful Roon tags that you can now modify directly from Jaikoz.