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Watch folder on a network drive

I use the watch folder functionality on a windows machine. the target process is the following :
copy the artist/album on the watch folder over a LAN network (important point)
the watch functionality works and move the folder to another folder (roon library)

I noticed the following :
only some of the tracks are fixed and moved !
If I change my process (by copying at first to a local folder then to the watch folder, it seems to work great

my guess is that the fix actions are trigered before that all the tracks are copied over the network (and the new files are not detected after because the parent folder is not changed)

any advice or trick about it ?
(sorry for my english… not my mother thong)

Ok, when new files are added to folder hiw do we know when all files have been added. Well we don’t really, all we can do is wait a little bit and if there is no change we assume all done and then we start processing the files.

So when copying them via lan it obviously takes longer, it seems too long in your case for SongKong.

So your workaround of copying to intermediary location is probably the only solution for now, unless you can run SongKong directly on the remote server?

If I added a configurable time to wait option that might work for you in future.

Thx Paul,
some tries show that the intermediate folder solution seems to work

ncie job btw


Now fixed in SongKong 10.4 Amnesiac