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Unable to launch 10.4.3 on Linux headless


I am getting the following error when trying to launch the newly downloaded 10.4.3 from command line.

“Error: Unable to access jarfile lib/songkong-10.4.2.jar”

I looked in the lib directory and that file does not exist.

I have copied the 10.4.3.jar to 10.4.2.jar and it seems to be running okay now… Not ideal though as there is obviously something wrong.

Edit: I spoke too soon, it’s not working.

Ok sounds like something went wrong with building, having renamed file is it failing in same way or a different way?

It’s failing in a different way.

After renaming the file I get a blank white screen in the browser when I try to start a “Fix Songs” task. Looking at the output in the terminal I then see the following.

songkong:server unable to run controller:null

Ok I think that is this bug Synology / Docker install crashing on first use of song fix

Please try unchecking Other Artwork Options checkbox

I unchecked the “Other Artwork Options” and the Fix Songs task worked.

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I have now uploaded a new linux download that fixes the linux specific jar issue

I will do a new release later today for all platforms that fixes the Other Artwork option issue

Hey Paul,

I downloaded from the downloads page and it appears to still be the same version - it is giving me the banner that says that 10.4.5 is now available. Checking the About page tells me Version SongKong 10.4.3 Amnesiac, Build Version: 1165 and Build Date: 22/Mar/2024. Am I using the right link? (

Hmm, it sees to be right are you sure you installed it correctly ?


It helps if I delete the old download before downloading a new copy. It was before 6am here… I think we’re good now that the coffee has started working.


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