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Linux Upgrading to newest version

Still an beginner I have fixed most of my collection which is great, many thanks.

I am now getting a message that an upgrade is available. Since I have a considerable amount of data from previous work now in my system, what is the best way to upgrade without starting over with the installation. I have downloaded the Linux file but would appreciate some guidance about where I should unzip it so I do not munge my existing system.

Guidance would be much appreciated please.

Properties files and database are all stored in different location to where the application is installed. So installing new version of the application does not delete your metadata, license ecetera.

So you just need install as per instructions

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Hi Paul,
Thanks for the reply. Sorry to have had to raise this but only after I had failed.

Your message confirms what I had done. I followed the instructions precisely but even so I am still getting v10.3 opening and the pop up re update.
Any ideas?

Okay I suspect the issue is you still have the 10.3 version in your downloads folder so when you download new version that will be renamed songkong-linux-headless(1).tgz and therefore maybe you are then copying the old songkong-linux-headless.tgz file rather than the newer songkong-linux-headless(1).tgz file.

So another user hit this issue only a couple of days ago Unable to launch 10.4.3 on Linux headless so I have now added instruction to remove older download versions first.

Hi and many thanks for the reply. My problem was slightly different. Running the tar file in the songkong directory as is discovers the old files and fails.

If the relevant files are deleted first then the unzipping works fine but creates a new songkong subdirectory within the songkong subdirectory. Not what I want.

If I run it from the level above all works well and I can run the new app but I had an alarming message about removing the old database during this process.

This is sort of what I was worried about in my first post but will check out now. No serious harm done, if any.
Thanks again,

tar zxf songkong-linux-headless.tgz should just overwrite existing files.

Okay the database is recreated on an update in case the structure has changed between releases., but the database just caches MusicBrainz/Discogs releases it has downloaded for performance reasons, and the data used to construct the reports. But all the metadata added by SongKong is in the files, and the reports are standalone reports that don’t need access to the database once created, so there is not really any problem with database being recreated.

The only problem would be if you wanted to make use of the Undo Changes task because that data is lost after recreating database, but usually you would use Undo Changes soon after the task that caused the issue in first place not weeks later.