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Synology / Docker install crashing on first use of song fix

Hi there, I’ve been experimenting with SongKong and decided that the best place to install this is on my NAS box as I can leave it running overnight etc. I installed Docker and then the app but I am getting java exceptions in the log files when I try to run ‘song fix’.

I’m creating this to upload support files.

Support files sent now. Would appreciate any help to get me up and running on this.

Hi, okay there appears to be bug in Web UI, I will resolve as quick as I can but in meantime please try disabling Other Artwork Options on the Artist Artwork tab and see if that resolves it.

Thank you. I will give it a go and report back.

Incidentally, I’m not convinced that options selected in a profile are being saved from use to use (within the web UI). I used ‘fix songs’ before and selected other artwork options, as you know. I just went back in and nothing was selected. I’m assuming that this is because my options weren’t ‘saved’ before the crash. will report back similarly.

Great - looks like process is running now. Thank you!

Yes, options weren’t saved because it crashed on saving the other artwork options.

I plan to release a fix release on Monddy

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Awesome service by the way - thanks for being so responsive! I don’t get much hobby time… :smile:

Raised issue -

Now fixed

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