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Tutorial: Status Report: Browse By Section


The report doesn’t only summarize metadata coverage we can delve down into individual songs from the Browse menu

It offers different ways to browse songs for different situations. The first three group the songs by metadata inside the files, the fourth groups by the folder structure.

Browse By Artist/Album
Group songs based on the value of the Album Artist and then the Album metadata in your songs. This is the most natural way to view things. Most music players use the same metadata to group songs into albums so it is important that this is correct

Browse By Album
Group songs based on the value of the Album metadata in the songs. This is useful as an alternative when looking for a particular Album but are not sure what artist it is credited to.

Browse By Composer/Work
Group songs based on the value of the Composer and then the Work metadata in the songs. This is an alternative way to browse your music, most useful for Classical music.

Browse By Folder
Lets you navigate the songs by their filesystem folder structure, this is totally independent of the metadata in the files. But ideally in normal circumstances we would want our folder structure to mirror the album artist/album metadata