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Tutorial: Fix Songs - Album Artwork Options


The first two options to both Front Cover Artwork and Back Cover Artwork.

Resize artwork if dimensions larger than (pixels)
High quality artwork can take up a lot of disk space, it is often not necessary to have such high quality artwork embedded into your songs. In fact some song playing apps do not work with artwork that is larger than a particular size.

Ignore artwork smaller than this (pixels)
Sometimes artwork is found of such a low quality and small size that you would rather ignore this artwork.

Album Artwork:Save front cover embedded within song file
SongKong is careful and only adds artwork for files that have no artwork.But it can overwrite artwork with higher quality artwork by modifying Save front cover embedded within song file from Replace if Empty to Replace if Better Quality, better quality is defined as a larger image.

Save front cover art to file system
Usually there is no need to save the artwork to the file system as by default it is stored in the music files themselves but if you need to save artwork to the file system as well you can enable this option and decide if existing artwork can be overwritten or not, this can be useful for UPNP servers that may not understand embedded artwork for some formats (such as WAV), or to use artwork as the folder icon if using a UPnP Control Point to browse music by folder.

This looks at what is now stored in the song after the embedded metadata changes have been made. So if Save artwork embedded within in song file is set to Always Replace and Save Artwork to File system is set to Yes, overwrite existing files then both metadata and file system will have the same newly found artwork data. Whereas if Save Artwork embedded within song file is set to Replace if Empty and Save artwork to File system is set to Yes, overwrite existing files then if the file aready had embedded artwork this would not be modified and the file system will save whatever is currently embedded in the file.

So what you cannot do is find new artwork and only save it to the file system without saving as embedded data within the file itself.

Save front cover art filename
If Save front cover art to file system is enabled this defines the name that should be used for the artwork files created, it does not include the file type part because the file will be created with the same format as is embedded in the file itself.

Album Artwork:Find Back Cover Artwork
By default SongKong adds front covers but not back covers because there is limited applications that can make use of back covers. But if useful we can add by enabling Find Back Cover Artwork, then there are equivalent options to the Front Cover options.