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Tutorial: Bandcamp Match - Genre Options


Options that decide how SongKong handles Bandcamp genres


We can specify to Replace if empty , Always add values , Always replace values or Never Replace

Max no of Genres

Albums are often associated with multiple genres so we can specify how many of the genres to add.

Allowed Genres

When songs are matched to a Bandcamp album we check the genres provided for that release against the genres listed below, if the Bandcamp album has multiple genres in this list then we use the genre that comes earliest in this list, so the order of the list is important - if you want to keep them you should put more specialist genres such as Power Pop before more general categories such as Pop .

If no match is found no genres will be added to songs matched to that release.

Having found a match SongKong uses that value if that is the only value on the line, but if there is a ‘;’ and then a second value it will use that second value, this is useful for mapping multiple similar genres to a single genre.

The Genre list is a text file that can be edited independently of SongKong if you wish.