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Tidy Up Music Feature

Dear Paul, it’s been some time we have been in touch but as you might recall I have been supporting both SongKong and Jaikoz for many years now.
Maybe I am not aware how to achieve the following with existing components of either but otherwise it might be worth offering this:
As an infrequent user ( I basically tidy up my music collection 1-2 times a year, not constantly) essentially I leave everything that SongKong couldnt match to an release in its original structure but in a separate root folder. 6 to 12 month later I go back and try to re-match in the hope that the MusicBrainz etc databases have caught up with more release info and that finally my old metal etc from my own collection is being recognised.
However, apart from going manually through each and every folder containing an album that couldnt be matched I have found it cumbersome to manually tidy up the albums which will never be complete because say track number 3 is missing. Could you imagine building a feature that allows users to delete incomplete albums?
Good wishes and all the best for 2024!

Hi, so you can find incomplete albums quite easily by browsing the Match to MusicBrainz release section

And I do plan to make this even easier by adding a IS_COMPLETE_MATCH metadata field, this would then make it very easy to move incomplete releases to a different location if you wished to delete them

Thank you so much for your fast and helpful answer Paul and Happy New Year!

I have tested this and sadly none of the albums sitting in my SK NOT FOUND folder shows up as MusicBrainz Without Full Album Match selection.
Maybe what would be even more helpful is to do a simple but fully automated analysis even on Albumfolders that could not be matched at all:
What is the max track number present in the metadata amongst the tracks present compared to the number of tracks in the folder?
Possibly via an entry like “Tracks (likely) Missing” in the IS_COMPLETE_MATCH metadata field aside from your intended yes or no?
What do you think?

I’m not clear what you want, albums that have been matched but have some missing tracks or albums that have not been matched. If the albums have not been matched that can be for a variety of reasons not particularly because they are incomplete.

I can probably give you a better answer if you run Status Report over your music and then Create Support Files so I get copy of the report.

Dear Paul, both features would be helpful for me and likely others:
a) For albums that have been matched but miss some tracks
b) Separate feature: Where album could not been matched but is showing obvious signs of being incomplete in the meta data (for example total tracks tag vs number of tracks present)
In my workflow I would then find the CD in my collection, try to digitize again and potentially throw it out if it has too many scratches / cant be read.

Okay I really need you to run Status Report over your music and then Create Support Files so I get copy of the report and look at a couple of examples to answer this properly because there is some confusion over terminology here.