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Songkong supposedly can complete more songs then what supposedly loaded/existed

Songkong 7.1 reported:
there was 3635 found with 3631 loaded.
But somehow completed 3825 out of 3635 so where is the 190 mystery files?

Also on this page since there was so many errors and warning generated on this run shouldn’t there be a value assigned on this line?

Song groups are processed through a pipeline of independent tasks (Create Acoustid, Match to MusicBrainz, Match to Discogs, Save ectera), sometimes group are split up into subgroups. The pipelines are dependant on the metadata in the files and the options selected.

Somewhere along the line some files are getting processed more than once, this is a bug , and i think the cause of this other issue you reported - Apparently a few Internal issue's with SongKong

Not sure about this, maybe a minor bug.

This was fixed in SongKong 7.3